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Cadillac Tax Delayed

You of course know that the brief government shutdown ended via a short-term continuing funding resolution. Included therein is a further postponement of the so-called “Cadillac Tax” on high-value health plans. This provision, which had bi-partisan support, postpones the tax from its already-delayed effective ...Read More

HSA Penalties

What kind of trouble do you suppose a person would be in if he/she contributed to a health savings account with full knowledge that he/she was not eligible? Big trouble in River City, eh? Well, you would be wrong, according to just-released IRS Information ...Read More

Looking Ahead at 2017

Businesses across the nation are anticipating some major changes to occur in 2017 in the areas of healthcare and tax reform. While anticipating significant change, planning at this point is a bit of challenge, because no one can predict with accuracy the extent of ...Read More