Amplify your understanding of commercial lending activity and opportunity

As a partner of your state banking association, we want to share with you some new and exciting ways we help our clients. Recent commercial real estate (CRE) lending trends indicate increased investment in vacant and industrial land. As the U.S. retail landscape shifts from traditional brick and mortar to online, it’s critical to have the right data to support your commercial lending strategy.

Commercial Prospecting from S&P Global Market Intelligence delivers detailed property and mortgage information, helping you identify new lending opportunities and better understand competition in your markets.

  • Use Commercial Prospecting to identify opportunities that meet your bank’s risk criteria, including granular detail for land use, loan amount, and geography.
  • Identify new CRE and commercial and industrial (C&I) lending opportunities
  • Size competitor lending trends in your markets
  • Identify maturing loans for potential refinance opportunities
  • Create robust lead lists consistent with your bank’s risk appetite
  • Research current customers to better understand loans taken with competitor lenders

Plus, we’ve taken loan origination and property data for 25 million CRE properties and combined it with 15 million business listings to create an effective prospecting solution. Additionally, we include Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings for 46 states to give you in-depth insight into C&I lending. Take a look below at an example of a property profile – including property information, value, recent sales, and outstanding mortgages.

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WEBINAR: Take Your Commercial Loan Prospecting to the Next Level

You are invited to watch Take Your Commercial Loan Prospecting to the Next Level and explore our unique Commercial Prospecting tool, to facilitate powerful prospecting and smarter commercial lending.

We’ve taken loan origination and property data for 25+ million CRE properties and combined this with over 16 million business listings to provide key contacts and principals.  On our platform, this integrated information gives you an easy-to-use tool to screen for opportunities, make contacts with key decision makers and spend more time having productive conversations.

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