Compliance Q&A: Credit Score Disclosure


We are moving to a new ChexSystem benefit whereby the credit score will be provided to us. However, we will not use the score in making the determination to deny an account opening. Since we are not using it, do we have to include the additional credit score disclosures?



If you did not use a credit score in your decision, then there is no technical need to add include the additional disclosures. However, the issue comes in the form of showing that the bank did not actually use the score. So, if the bank does choose not to utilize the credit score disclosures, then it needs to thoroughly document that fact.

Section 1100F of the Dodd-Frank Act amended the FCRA to include additional disclosure requirements when adverse action is taken because of the consumer’s credit score. … But if the credit score did not play a role in the decision to take adverse action, these disclosures are not required.

Fed. Res., Consumer Compliance Outlook, Adverse Action Notice Requirements Under the ECOA and the FCRA:


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