Compliance Q&A: Substitute Check Disclosure


I noticed that a lot of banks no longer hand out the substitute check consumer awareness disclosure. Was the requirement to disclose this information revised as part of the regulation CC amendments?


The likely reason that you are seeing fewer of these disclosures going out is that the notice is only required when you are actually providing substitute checks back with the periodic statements. If you are only providing photocopy images, and not actual substitute checks, then the notice is not necessary.

Some of the financial institution’s customers get their checks back and some don’t (they get an imaged statement or just the statement). Do they all have to get the initial consumer awareness disclosure?

No. Only the institution’s consumer customers who receive paid checks or substitute checks along with their periodic account statements are required to get the notice. Any new consumer customers, who will get paid original or paid substitute checks back in their periodic statement, must get the notice at the time the consumer relationship is established.