Atlanta Fed Names New Head of Supervision and Regulation Division

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is excited to announce the appointment of Joseph (Joe) Davidson as senior vice president of its Supervision and Regulation (S&R) Division, effective February 16. In this position, Davidson will oversee the Atlanta Fed’s supervision of state member banks, bank and financial holding companies, and US branches and agencies of foreign banking operations.

Davidson will report to Atlanta Fed president and chief executive officer Raphael Bostic and serve as a member of the Bank’s Executive Leadership Committee. He will also serve on the Federal Reserve System’s Supervision Committee.

“It is the responsibility of the Federal Reserve to promote a safe, sound, and efficient banking and financial system that supports the growth and stability of the US economy,” said Bostic. “We are excited about Joe’s extensive supervision experience and his strong relationships with supervision and regulation peers, which will help him succeed in this role and contribute to the Atlanta Fed’s ability to achieve our mission.”

Davidson comes to the Atlanta Fed from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, where he had served as senior vice president of the Seventh District’s S&R Division since 2018. In that role, he reported to S&R’s executive vice president and oversaw the division’s talent management, finance, business operations and analytics, quality management, conflicts of interest, applications and enforcement, and technology and records management functions.

He joined the Federal Reserve in 1999 as a retail payments analyst in Chicago and later served as a compliance and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) examiner and managing examiner. He was promoted to assistant vice president of consumer compliance and CRA in 2010, and then to vice president in 2012. Davidson holds a bachelor’s degree in in economics from Kalamazoo College in Michigan.

Davidson will fill the leadership responsibilities held by Supervision, Regulation, and Credit senior vice president Doris Quiros, who will retire at the end of March 2023. “I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with our Sixth District firms, partner regulators, and other constituents,” Quiros said. “Having worked with Joe, I know that he brings strong leadership and great experience to the role, so I’m happy to leave the division in very capable hands.”

The change in leadership accompanies the change in the division’s name to Supervision and Regulation Division. The Credit and Risk Management (CRM) Department is now part of a new Corporate and Central Bank Services Division, led by Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Brian Bowling, who previously led CRM from 2007 to 2012. The new division will also include Financial Management and Planning and Financial Statistics and Structure Analysis.

“I’m excited to join the Atlanta Fed, where the staff clearly love the work they do as well as the people they work with,” Davidson said. “I look forward to being part of the Fed’s mission-driven work and engaging with our partners and all the wonderful people who live and work in the Sixth District.”

We expect the change in leadership and the realignment of CRM to be a seamless transition for banks and other external stakeholders, and we look forward to further introducing Joe to the Sixth District banking community as he settles into his new role at the Atlanta Fed.